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Parasail Health helps doctors and patients focus on treatment instead of payment by creating a patient user interface for the healthcare system to plan, manage and pay for medical expenses. With a simple application and approval process, doctors get paid quickly and patients can afford their care through fair financing with simple terms. Parasail is empowering patients with a series of free web and mobile apps to help them understand how their insurance works, get immediate information on how much they’ll owe for procedures, check their bills for accuracy and manage and pay their bills in a single place… or add them to a monthly payment plan with the tap of a button. By helping patients afford care, Parasail provides doctors with secure and predictable revenues so they can focus on healing with no risk if the patient defaults on their debt. Parasail’s mission is to humanize the health care system by putting the needs of doctors and patients first. It’s time to focus on what matters.

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@Livelyhsa So proud to partner with such an awesome team on such an important part of the healthcare process…