Each day is an opportunity for us to deepen our learning.

Who We Are: Our DNA

We pride ourselves on thinking independently and acting on our convictions.

When we act, we strive to do so with precision, confidence and integrity.  We believe that how we do one thing, is how we do everything.

Above all, we are relentless. Each day is an opportunity for us to challenge our assumptions, deepen our learning and continue building value for our partners.

Jason Portnoy
Managing Partner
Andrew Maguire
Investing Partner
Stephanie Fernandez
Director of Operations

How We Do It: Revealing the Inner Compass

We begin with the idea that each new partner already holds the answers that will unlock their success.

Our role is to act as both trusted counsel and experienced guide.We believe in the power of focused attentiveness.    We start by asking thoughtful questions and then listening carefully.  Typically, the answers help our partners reveal the inner compass that they themselves already hold. Once uncovered, we help them use this compass to map a path to success for their business.

Our aim is to enable our partners to follow their path with confidence.  We then attempt to amplify their actions by drawing on our deep experience and unrivalled networks. We also create an accessible and safe space for our partners to share their ideas with each other, thereby leveraging the collective strength of our ever-growing family.

As each of these businesses achieves its intrinsic success, it builds lasting value for all of our partners. This success also allows us to continue accessing the next generation of ground-breaking investment opportunities. When these new partners join our family, the cycle begins again.