Our success is rooted in our family. 

We have been privileged to work with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and startups in the world.

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How you do one thing,
is how you do everything.

We have helped lead some of the most iconic companies.

As senior executives, we've helped lead some of the most iconic companies in Silicon Valley history.


Visionary entrepreneurs, iconic companies.


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What CEOs say

“It’s like having a confidante; a safe place to talk.

Being CEO is a lonely job. Without Oakhouse I wouldn’t have that sounding board.”

Henry Ward, Co-founder and CEO, Carta

"They are not just there to offer us money; they are very involved.

Everything they do is adding value.”

Keller Rinaudo, Co-founder and CEO, Zipline

“The introductions that Oakhouse has made have been incredible.

Talented and nice people are drawn to them, not only inside the portfolio but also on the co-investor and recruiting side.”

Andrew Maguire, Co-founder and CEO, Looksharp

“They are the perfect fund to grow with.

They are a great team with great networks, and they understand the VC landscape exceptionally well.”

Patrick White, Co-founder and CEO, Synata

“I say that a lot of investors preach ‘entrepreneur-first’, but these guys really mean it.

They really have that DNA.”

Rich Maggiotto, CEO, ChefsFeed

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